Sell fiberglass fabric coated with silicone rubber

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1. Temperature resistance, it can continuously work under -70oC to 230oC
2. Weather ability: resistance to ozone, oxygen, sunlight and aging, long using life up to 10 years.
3. Good electric insulator, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breaks down voltage between 20-50KV/mm,
1) Electric insulation: fits for making products like insulated fabric.
2) Non-metallic compensator: used as pipeline flexible coupling and non-metallic compensator helps to avoid damage caused by heat expansion and cold Contraction; specially fits for use in industries of petroleum, chemical Engineering, cement, iron and steel and energy sources
3) Anti-corrosion sector: used as inner and outer anti-corrosion layers, and also be used as sealing materials, high temperature resistant and Anti-corrosion conveyer belts and packaging materials.
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