Sell fiberglass profiles

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A big range of fibreglass structural profiles are available in standard configurations including. Angles, I-beam, wide-flange beams, channels, bars, round and square tubes, custom shapes are available, too. Profiles can be used for constructing platforms, handrails, walkways, bridges, cable tray etc. Please call for a complete list of available. HIGOAL pultrusion will work with you and your customers to help plan prototype solve or resolve ideas and issues for you and your customers.

Rods and Tubes
Fiberglass rods can be made from .060 to 8.50 inches in diameter - with each requiring specialized tooling. New tooling is added on a continuous basis. Tubing sizes are somewhat more restrictive due to wall thickness. Please inquire for a specific rod or tube size.

Angles, I-beam, wide-flangebeams, channels, bars, round, and square Tubes, Custom shapes are available, too

HIGOAL produces fiberglass tubing for handles applications.
used in garden tools to commercial cleaning products.
Excellent durability, Strength and safety, Light weight, Corrosion resistant.
Available in a variety of colors, No chipping or peeling.

Pultrusion grating
Pultrusion grating is available upon request.

Custom Profiles
Custom shapes include such things as bar stock (rectangle and square) , oval solids, channels, half rounds, tees and more complicated shapes per customer requirements (often requiring proprietary tooling) . Current capabilities allow up to 36" profile envelope.
Please inquire regarding a specific requirement.