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Application: Fiberglass duct rodder mainly used for the pulling of guiding wire in the conduit, as well as the laying of communication cable, power cable, mesh wire, video cable and so on. It has the advantage of simple operation, which can raise the working efficiency greatly. The high-strength fiberglass rod has exceptionally high tensile strength, while maintaining a flexible bending performance. The duct rodder was made of fiberglass rod which was formed by fiberglass and high-strength resin after high temperature pultrusion processing. The duct rodder was covered with HDPE engineering plastics layer, which make it with smooth appearance, better wear resistance, ageing resistance, acid and alkali resistance performance. The diameter of duct rodder ranges from 4.5mm to 16mm, and the length range is from 10m to 500m. You can order the products as your construction requirements.


1, High tensile strength, good bending performance, can go through the narrow conduit easily.
2, Rustproof bull-nose pulling eye.
3, Better anti-ageing performance.
4, Easier maintenance.
5, Movable or portable reel, convenient to move.

Technical parameters:

Rod diameter
#4.5mm, #6mm, #9mm, #10mm, #11mm, #12mm, #13mm, #14mm, #15mm, #16mm
Length range
10m-500m (as customers need)

Bending radius
Fiber density
Fracturing pull
temperature range
Reel size
(1300mmW450mmW1330mm) (1200mmW420mmW1220mm) (980mmW350mmW
1000mm) (680mmW240mmW700mm) (420mmW180mmW400mm)

With vertical type and inclined type reel handle, the reel was welded by steel pipe, it is substantial and durable and after anti-corrosive treatment. The wheel can be divided into: cast iron rubber, nylon rubber, cast steel rubber. The color of wheel can be: black, silver grey, blue or yellow. The color of duct rodder can be: white, yellow, red, green, blue or black. The normal length of duct rodder canbe:30m,50m,80m,100m,120,150m,160m,180m,200m,250m,300m, 350m,400m,450m,500m.
We can make products with special specification as customers requirements.