Sell fiberglass tissue surfacing mat, roofing mat and so on

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we are mainly producing fiberglass tissue. Our main products import from Germany and the anuual capacity is 70 million square metres.

I would like to introduce our products as following:
1. FRP surfacing mat: 20g/m2, 30g/m2, 40g/m2, 50g/m2, 60g/m2.
2. Roofing mat: 50g/m2, 60g/m2, 90g/m2. (with yarn)
3. Pipe wrap mat: 50g/m2, 60g/m2, 90g/m2.
4. Fcing tissue: 25g/m2, 50g/m2, 100g/m2.
5. Battery saparator mat: 0.3(mm) ----0.8(mm) thickness.
The producet is charateriaed as uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface and fast resin impregnation. It is usually used in the surface layer of the FRP products of which the capability is ameliorated . It is capable of significantly improving the strenth of FRP surface layer , strong impaction resisitance, excellent uniformity of surface, good civering up yhe texture of under layers and good corrision resistance.
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