Sell fibreglass tape

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Description:Braided with the E/C-fibergalss, had good insulation and heat resistance, extensively apply to building , waterproof , antiseptic and wrapping up the coil of electrical machinery and electrical apparatus. It is an excellent substitute for asbestos tape. It can be with self-adhesive on one side. Dyed or metallic wire reinforced are also available.

Texturized Glassfiber Tape

Temp. : 5500

Glassfibre products lists:
C/E glass fiber twisted yarn,
glass fiber roving yarn,
glass fiber texturized yarn,
texturized and twisted glass fiber with wire, twxturized fiberglass twisted rope,
glassfiber round rope,
texturized fiberglass square rope,
glassfiber rectangle rope,
glassfiber lagging rope,
glassfiber knitted rope,
texturized fiberglass sleeving,
graphited fiberglass round rope,
texturized fiberglass tape,
glassfiber ladder tape,
glassfiber tadpole tape,
texturized glassfiber self adhesive tape, glassfiber dyed tape,
glassfiber rope with silicone rubber,
glassfiber sleeving with silicone rubber, glassfiber tape with aluminium,
fiberglass with silicone rubber,
graphited fiberglass tadpole tape,
fiberglass cloth,
texturized fiberglass woven fabric,
texturized fiberglass fabric heat treated, graphited fiberglass fabric,
fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE, texturized fiberglass with PTFE coating, fiberglass cloth with Aluminium,
fiberglass fabric heat treated,
texturized fiberglass dyed cloth,
fiberglass fabric treated with acrylic.
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