Sell field-operation water treatment, water purifier, water filter truck

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The future war needs the water. This water purify truck has the purification, mineralization, magnetism, desalt, disinfection, water color and odor remove etc function.
The source water from river, lake, pool etc, such as the ground water, sea water, bitter and salt water after purified, the output water quality can reach military wartime drinking standard.
This equipment can purify drinking water 80 Ton, sea water 20 Ton per day. It is very useful and helpful for the army works and practise in the field and cold zone.

1. Whole truck dimension: 8200 X 2520 X 3370mm

2. Truck weight: 13400kg

3. Carriage: 5000 X 2460 X 2000mm

4. Cross-country Driving Load weight: 6000kg

5. Approaching angle/ Leave angle : 38,45 degree/39 degree

6. Maximal speed: 87km/h

7. Minimal swerve diameter: 20m

8. Maximal sloping climb degree: 60%

9. Oil-consumed capacity: 87L/100km

10. Minimal earth-off clearance: 355mm

11. Paddle depth: 1.2m

12. Freshwater purify capacity: 4 ton/h

13. Sea water desalt capacity: 1ton/h

14. Sea water salt capacity: <=36000ppm

15. Truck-loaded diesel motor(One set) : 20kw

16. Standby accumulator(One set) : DC24V, 600Ah, contradictory

17. Air-condition: two set. They supply heat in Winter and cool in Summer