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Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 machine(DXGF 32/32/10)

Product Description
1) The machine has compact structure, complete control system, easy operation and high degree of automation.
2) The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles .
3) The parts contacting media are made of 316L and have no process blind angles to enable easy cleaning.
4) High speed filling valve, guarantees liquid has precise level and no waste is incurred.
5) The capping head applies a constant magnetic torque device to secure capping quality and prevent damage to the bottle cap.
6) The control system has the function of control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block auto stop and production counting.
7) The advanced programmed controller(PLC) is adopted to control the machine to run automatically .
8 Main electric components and pneumatic components apply world famous brand products.
9) The machine's operation is controlled by an advanced touch-screen that can Fulfill human-machine communication.

Main Technical Specifications (500ml) :
production(b/h) :10,000
filler valves:32
rinser grippers:32
capper header:10
suitable bottle shape: circular or square
bottle diameter(mm) : #50-#90
bottle height(mm) : 150-310
Compressed air pressure(MPa) : 0.3-0.7
washing medium: aseptic water
washing water's pressure(MPa) : 0.25
Total output (KW) :3
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25 days
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FOB Shang Hai
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1 year