Sell film faced plywood

film faced plywood
film faced plywood
1. size:1220x2440
2. core:poplar or combined
3. glue:MR/WBP
4. film:black/brown(chinese film and imported film)
5. thickness:12mm/15mm/18mm/21mm
6. packing: inner with plastic bag, outside with plywood, then packed with sheet iron
7. application: concrete forming for construction

12mm--7 plys + 2 side film(total 9 plys with film)
15mm--9 plys +2 side film(total 11 plys with film)
18mm--11 plys +2 side film (total 13 plys with film)
the tolerance of thickness is plus or minus 0.5mm
the gap is within 2mm