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Product:Film faced plywood

Core:Poplar /Birch/Pine /Hardwood/Combination
Layer:9~13 layers
Glue:WBP(phenolic glue)
PSF:Black or Brown,120~240g/m2.
Surface Type:Smooth/Anti-slip
Specification:1220mm*2440mm/ 1250mm*2500mm
Thickness: 9-27mm
Poplar approx 550kg/m3
Birch approx 720 kg/m3
Pine approx 500kg/m3
Combi approx 680 kg/m3

Light weightBetter be used for high building and bridge construction.
Large extentThe largest extent is 1250*2500mm, reduce the juncture. In order to imporve the work efficiency.
No warp, no distortion, no cleft, well water-resistant, long-playing used and recycled.
Easy off the film, 1/7 of the steel film.
Do concreteBeautiful and slippy surface, take out the second plaster, which can save 30% working times.
Cauterization-resistantThe concrete surface with no polluting.
Well heat preservation, in favor of winter construction.
Do the plyform that can bend the plane. Well construction capability.
Excelled bamboo plywood and armor plate on nailing, sawing, boring and etc.
It could be processed to various forms according to construction requirements.
Supply Capacity
5000 Cubic Meter Per Month
Available Colors
black or brown
Condition of Goods
1220mm*2440mm/ 1250mm*2500mm
Minimum Order Quantity
20 Cubic Meter
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
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