Sell filmfaced plywood

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Sizes : 1220*2440mm 1250*2500mm 1830*915mm
Thickness : 4mm - 30mm
Material : Poplar , Birch , Hardwood , Okoume , Meranti, etc
Face and back: Dynea , Import Brown film , Chinese Black , Chinese Brown , ect
Glue : MR , WBP , E1 , E2

Mechanics performance:
1st, moisture content <= 10%
2nd, density 0.75/Above cm3
3rd, wear value <= 0.1g/100r (peaceful rice dregs)
4th, impact intensity: 40kj/M2
5th, elasticity coefficient >= 5000MPa >= 7948MPa;
6th, static tune intensity >= 24MPa >= 75.8MPa
7th, angularity <= 1%
8th, thickness common difference 10.5mm
9th, thickness expansion rate (72 hours normal temperature water immersion) <= 8%


1st, weight light: Is suitable for the high-rise construction and the bridge construction.
2nd, width big: The maximum width is 2440W1220mm. The reduced joint quantity, enhances the mold working efficiency.
3rd, does not warp, does not distort, does not crack, the water resistant performance is good, the water boils for 24 hours not to open the rubber; Dynamics performance good, the turnover number of times high, the service life is long.
4th, the drawing of patterns is easy, only is the steel die 1/7.
5th, makes the clear water concrete: Smoothly pours the thing surface to be artistic, subtracts the wall two plastering crafts, but the direct cover decoration, reduces time limit for a project 30%.
6th, anti-corrosive: Does not pollute the concrete surface.
7th, the heat preservation performance is good, is advantageous to the winter construction.
8th, may do changes the tune plane the template.
9th, the construction performance is good. Performance and so on nail, saw, drill hole surpasses the bamboo plywood, the small steel die. May according to construct needs to process Cheng Gezhong the shape the template
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