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Product Detail
Application, installation and maintenance of filter core
 Ways of disinfections for filter core
Upon use of the filter core, steam disinfections is required, which falls into one of steam sterilization cabinet and online sterilization.
1. Steam sterilization cabinet: take out of filter core from the plastic bag, place it in the sterilization under 1210 for half an hour.
2. Online sterilization: install the filter core properly in the device (a gap of 0.5mm between fixed board and filter core should be kept) , then steam it for half an hour.
 Ways of installation for filter core
1. Wet O ring, then plug the filter core vertically and slowly;
2. Dont tighten it too much;
3. Avoid touching the filter core by hands directly;
4. Better to flush the filter core before use.
When the filter core can not meet the rated flow, the filter should be turned off, then take out of core, flush its surface with tap water, soak it in 4% HCL for 24 hours, then soak it in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours, then flush it water tap water again. Check O ring to see if it is damaged. If it is damaged, R ring should be replaced, then install the filter core. Flush it under 0.1Mpa. If the filter wont be use for a long time, its better to take out of the core. Clean, dry, and very well keep it till next time.

Stainless steel net agglomerated filter core adopts multiple layers of stainless steel weaving net, made of special overlapping, pressing, and vacuum agglomerated technology, featuring comparative strong strength and overall rigid. As a kind of new multi-pore filter material, not only does it overcome the shortcomings of low rigid, strength, and instable shape of net holes but also it can match and design size of pores, permeability, and strength etc, which greatly improve its comprehensive performance, it is available for 1Cr18Ni9Ti and 316L raw materials.

It is made from resin adhesives and solvents as well as various fibers by means of heating. Fiber tissue of 0.2-2 thick paper shape filter cloth is not regular as it is disordered and tightly arrayed, therefore its strength is worse than that of weaving cloth, but better than that of filter paper, its pore is bigger than that of filter paper. Accordingly its resistance is smaller than that of filter paper. Non-weaving filter cloth has been applied to the pressing filter and horizontal type filter, mainly for filtering and purifying suspend liquid of low concentration. For instance, beverages, pulp, varnish, lubricate, and plant rubber etc. Non-weaving filter cloth is about two layers of filter, the surface blocks big granules (over 100) and lining blocks highly dispersed small granules.
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