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1. Pure stainless steel mechanical rational structure enables its life to be more than 10 years.
2. It is very easy to change batteries in the lock, just need several minutes on one lock.
3. Using 4 x 1.5V standard alkaline batteries.
4. Unlock ways: Fingerprint or Keypad or Mechanical key .
5. The fired users can be deleted individually without any effect on the application of the other users.
6. If the fingerprint is not input correctly. The handle is free, it can protect the door against opening by fore, and prolong the using of the mechanism of the lock .
7. Fingerprint user capacity 150 and password capacity 78.
8. especialy suitable for installation by non-professionals.

Technical Specification

Item# Description Technical Parameters
1 Sensor Bright background, for totally resolving the issue of remaining fingerprints
2 Resolution factor 560 dpi
3 Sensor resistance to destruction 4H pencil 20cm constant impact for 1000 times resulting in no destruction
4 Startup time <1s
5 Contrast 1:N
6 FRR Less than or equal to 1%(<=1%)
7 FAR Less than or equal to 0.0001%(<=0.0001%)
8 Angle of finger application 1600
9 Fingerprint registration module One time of registration producing one module
10 Fingerprint update Fully automatic update technology
11 Fingerprint template storage Automatic storage of fingerprint template when batteries are changed
12 Max figerprint capacity 150 fingerprints
13 Light interference Protection against direct sunshine
14 Collector Hard glass, nano-treated surface, extremely resistant to friction
15 Static power consumption Less than 30uA
16 Dynamic power consumption Working current between 150-300mA
17 Working voltage Intemational standard batteries,4*1.5V alkaline batteries, DC6V
18 Service life of batteries For opening a door 15,000 times in nomal cases
19 Power supply Batteries, plus extemal power supply
20 Password capacity 78
21 Spare voltage for working voltage 9V
22 Waming voltage 4.8V
23 Electrostatic resistance >15000V
24 Working temperature for fingerprint -200~600
25 Working temperature for keypad -300~700
26 Working humidity 10%-97%
27 Storage temperature -300~700
28 Password setting Random combination
29 password length 8 digits
30 Spare power supply for working voltage 9V
31 Area of collection 18.2mm(L) X16mm(W)
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