Sell fingerprint door lock----accessing to you house by fingerprint

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Advanced COMS techniques with fingerprint identification, getting access to your house by your fingerprint personally, to avoid key missing or password forgetting trouble, make your property and life securer.
Our product adopts the up-to-date COMS electric capacity technology and the newest fingerprint algorithms, with inlay fingerprint chip module processed by sliding pickup and fingerprint identification technology. The fingerprint pictures are read partially to sum up for overall characteristics. The inlay fingerprints storehouse is built up basing on stronger auto-adaptability, stochastic optimization, low level, fuzzy comparison techniques with AES security, the system works sensitively and fast in a reliable way. Before un-locking the door, the system compares the users fingerprint with storehouse samples, the un-authorized user doesnt get access to pass.
As the fingerprint is unique for personal identification and un-losable, that genuine security achieved if the fingerprint identification works for check-in access without key and password.