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Model: ML102
fingerprint door locks, fingerprint password lock summary:

Using optical fingerprint recognition methods supplemented with high wear-resistant keyboard feel super good all-steel tube with LED approach offers a humane operation interface, streamlined appearance, aesthetics generous, elegant shape.

fingerprint door locks, fingerprint password lock characteristics and advantages:

A fingerprint door locks, fingerprint password lock with three ways to open the door, two emergency interface. To ensure that consumers in accident cases can also inside.

(1) normal open 1, fingerprint door; 2, the password to open the door; 3, TM card to open the door.
(B) Emergency open the door (in the absence of electric or failure circumstances) :
1, with 9 V battery outdoor fingerprint door locks and power to normal after opening the door;
2, a mechanical key to open the door.
Second, and more intelligent lock Rui lock points to ensure security gateway.
Third, a unique dual power supply system:
1, the norm is four under on the 5th battery power supply;
2, in the depletion of battery power can be used laminated external 9 V battery.

Fourth, do not practical dismissed from the medial LCD so that the product prices more in line with the vast number of consumers demand.
5, TM electronic key card for the elderly, children, the use of fingerprints bad crowd. Because of a few individuals to avoid fingerprint NA and influence others.

fingerprint door locks, fingerprint password lock the scope of application:

family, Intelligent Community Information Center
important channel confidential financial Room Room
Exhibition Center CRDA warehouse
various important engine room, control room, etc.
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