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l DL-P/FP/RFP Fingerprint Time Clock

It combines the advantages of Electronic Time Clock and RF Proximity Reader. It can work independently, as well as with computer connection. Our Time Management System by Fingerprint Controller will prevent buddy punching. For those whose fingerprint is not clear, they may enroll by DL-RFP with proximity card. After a successful login, the Time Recorder can take in/out the time card automatically, and it only needs 5 seconds to complete the whole process. Together with the computer software, It is convenient to maintain accurate records and manage your human resources It is ideally designed for the company within 1000 employees.
l Time Management System by Fingerprint Controller that will prevent some dishonest punches for the time attendance records.
l Auto- punch time cards that would be operated when the device verified the fingerprints successfully.
l The Capacity for 1000 fingerprints in this device, and FAR<=0.0001%, FRR<=1%.
l Link to PC by RS232 and RS485; Baud rate 115200 bits.
l With the two buttons (ADD/DEL) and the two indicators of the light on the device, you could enroll the new fingerprints and delete any unavailable fingerprint by the device stands alone; also you could do this procedure with the PC connected.
l Our Time Management System could support you many kinds of the time attendance report for any or all employees in any minute.
l Using our unique device and software that would be easy to identify any poor quality fingerprint.
l Recording employee's attendance on the time card and link to the PC at the same time that would be easy to make a confirmed attendance record when there is a conflict.
l The Fingerprint Time Clock with a large LCD displays the present time, date and weekday with the perpetual calendar. .
l There is a feature of Auto-Detected that corrects the side of the timecard when punched by the Time Clock to prevent the printing on the wrong side of the time card.
l . There are 3 Check-In and 3 Checkout buttons with LED for the time attendance on the Time Clock, and the time schedule for the melody alarm could be programmed.
l The print head with the ninepins arrangement, high quality, and the special printing way could be identified PM or AM.
l Two colors of printing, Late-In or Early Out will be printed in red color, and normal Check-In or out will be printed in black color.
l There are 3 formats, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly for the records of the time attendance.
l Time-"Hour" Display could be selected in 12 or 24 Hours format, and Time- Minute format could be selected in 60 or 100 format.
l Build-in melody, also with the output signal to the external ring bell or any alarm device.
l . Auto Daylight Saving Time setting.
l Our password control setting prevents the unauthorized person to change the setting.