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1. MHT1800W1200 Fire-extinguishing Blanket is a simple and convenient fire-control instrument outfitted for enterprises, stores, vessels, autos and civil buildings, and especially useful in household kitchens, hotels, recreational facilities and gas stations to block the fire spreading and provide shield for the safe evacuation.
2. Having been specially treated, it is a type of fiberglass satin texture which is as soft and compact as satin with its thickness of 0.43mm, and is an most ideal and effective outer protective layer which can be used to wrap the objects with the rough surface and reused for several times when it is in good condition. Our product has been registered with the Sate Intellectual Office with the application ID: ZL00221729.9 and has passed the standard certification of the Technical Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province with the certification ID: Q320581DVC301-2002. And passed the German TUV examination to conform to EN 1869:1997
3. Our product is packed in red PVC box or bag with the size of 1000x1000mm, 1000x1200mm,1200x1200mm,1200x1500mm,1300x1500mm,1200x1800mm,1800W1800mm. Please read the instructions carefully before you use and install the blanket in the location, which is easy to access.
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EN1868&3A1997 UL-214
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