Sell fire extinguisher

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Our company was established in 1971, and is manufacturer specializing in ABC Dry Chemical powder, and BC dry Chemical Powder , and Fire Extinguishers, and Foam, and Parts of Fire Extinguishers.

1) , Fire Extinguishers ( Portable Stored Pressure ABC Powder Extinguisher )
1kg Fire Extinguisher,
2kg Fire Extinguisher,
3kg Fire Extinguisher,
4kg Fire Extinguisher,
5kg Fire Extinguisher,
6kg Fire Extinguisher,

2) , Mono Ammonium Phosphate Powder
(i. e. ABC Dry Chemical Powder ) :
ABC 90 Powder
ABC 80 Powder
ABC 75 Powder
ABC 70 Powder
ABC 60 Powder
ABC 50 Powder
ABC 40 Powder
ABC 30 Powder

3) , Sodium Bicarbonate Powder
(i. e. BC Dry Chemical Powder) :
BC 80 Powder
BC 50 Powder

4) , Protein Foam Extinguishing Agent 3% or/and 6%

5) , Fluoro-protein Foam Extinguishing agent 3% or/and 6%