Sell fireproofing board(magnesia board)

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Features of Plain Board

Fire proof and flame retardant plain board is Class A nonflammable material tested by a national-level authority. The fire-retardant performance of walls and steel structures consisting of the product is far beyond the national standards.
damp proof
plain board, as proved, remains intact and is free from the flaws such as deformation and expansion even after it is soaked in water for one month. Its dry/wet deformation rate is 0.26% and water absorption rate is about 15%. It is worth mentioning that the bending strength of the plain board is 18Mpa in dry condition and 22Mpa in moisture absorbing condition, which means the strength in moisture absorbing condition is even higher.
??und insulation
In terms of sound insulation, a 95mm acoustic wall is equal to a 123mm wall consisting of four layers of 12mm plasterboards or a 150mm solid brick wall.
??at preservation and insulation
plain board has a thermal resistance of 1.14m2. K/W, featuring excellent performance of heat preservation and insulation.
??ght weight and high strength
The unit weight of a 10mm-thick board is 10.07kg/m2 and can be reduced to 31.5kg/m2 if the light steel furring is employed for the wall, which is only 1/10 of the weight of the ordinary solid brick walls. Moreover, its impact resistance is 2-3 times that of the ordinary plasterboard walls. The product is easy in installation, and thus the work schedule can be effectively shortened.
??vironment friendliness
The board is made from such natural materials as inorganic substances, vegetable fibers and so forth, and is a new product encouraged in state??s policies for its radioactivity far below national standards and environment friendliness in compliance with national rules.