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Using advanced computerized controlled production system to produce fly lines of various tapering profile. Applying different formulations to the coating of the core alter the line characteristics such as floating line, intermediate floating line and sinking line. To cater to the diverse needs of the anglers.

Line No.
AFTM No. Weight(g) Weight Range(g)
5 9.1 8.7-9.6
6 10.4 9.8-10.9
7 12.0 11.5-12.5
8 13.6 13.1-14.1
NO=the weight of the forward section of the first 9.1m (30ft) of the fly line.

Sinking Rate Table
No. Depth (Inch)

FFC-2 60-84
FFC-3 84-123
FFC-4 123-137
FFC-5 137-167
FFC-6 167-212
FFC-7 212-260
FFC-8 260-334
FFC-9 >334
Sinking Speed=Inch/30 seconds