fishing rods

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fishing tackles many kinds
Weihai Fulri Commercial Co. , Ltd. and Fulri Fishing Tackle Co. , Ltd. specialize in marketing and producing fishing tackles and articles for leisure sports. We manufacture graphite and fiberglass fishing rod, fly rod in different models and specific....
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Carbonized fiber yarn and chopped carbon fiber and seals and gaskets
The carbon fiber is widely used in: Aviation and aerospace: airfoil, screw propeller, airplane, vehicle brake sheet, engine shaft and engine shell Sports equipment: fishing rod, golf pole, tennis racket, badminton racket, baseball bat, sailing ....

Fishing hooks
Our factory produces all kinds of fishing hooks. Established in 1937, Wuxi Greenwave Fishing Tackle Co. , Ltd is the 1st fishing tackle manufacturer of China. Our factory is located in the first-grade national beauty spot, Wuxi Tai Lake Tourism and V....
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New filmless decal water slide transfer printing paper decoration customized designs
1. New filmless(none outline border-decal halo) type water-slide decals, special for coated/uncoated metal, carbon materials, glass, ceramic, ---. suitable for small toy-model, golf /fishing rod, metal sports goods, tennis racket, bicylcle parts, mos....

fishing rod, fishhook & sabiki
fishhook, lure, lead fish, sabiki, sinker, float, bell, swivel, JIG head, fishing rod etc. fishing tackles
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We produce archery supplies and fishing supplies for 12 years . archery supplies like chinese traditional recurve bows and arrows.bow release,bow sight ,bamboo arrows ,wooden arrows ,carbon arrows and so on .For fishing supplies , we produce fishing....

Railway Fasteners-bolts/spikes/clips/clamps
1, Bolt series: track bolt, segment bolt, metro bolt, tunnel bolt, hex bolt, square bolt, turnout bolt, fish bolt, T bolt etc., annual capacity 5,000 tons. 2, Spike series: screw spike, dog spike, elastic spike etc., annual capacity 7,000 tons. 3, ....

fly fishing rod (fishing rod, fishing tackle)
Classic fly rod, multi-section, long cast fly rod, salt water fly rod, salmon fly rods Please give detailed specification for your ordered item. (Rod material, rod length, section number, handle, reel seat, line weight, and lure weight et al. ) ....
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fishing tackles
we can produce all kinds of fishing rods.
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premium fishing hook
Fishing hook and fishing lure is both our main products, it is produced here with both traditional techniques and latest equipments. We are among the top 3 china fishing hook manufacturer and keep growing fast, developing new technique from fishing h....
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