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Coarse protein>=66% fat<=8% Moisture <=10% Salt<=4% ash<=17%

About this product:
Product brief introduction: The fish powder is to take fish of ti or cod( fish head, fish tail, fish fin, internal organs. . . etc. ) s as the raw materials, the animal feed that make into after steam to boil, squeeze, dry, smash.

Product advantage:
Adopt the modern processing technology, pass by high-quality sea fish to steam to boil, squeeze, dry, smash etc. the procedure is refined but become. Various quantity index signs all attain or exceed the special grade fishing powder index sign of the nation standard provision, the fishing's powder has the quantity stability credibility, the fresh degree is good, the fishing powder flavor is heavy, the protein content is high, easy decomposition, easy digest, easy absorption of characteristics.

Packing: packed with 40kg 50kg woven bags
Export Markets:Global
Payment Details: Irrevocable L/C at sight and T/T
Min order:25ton