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Sea Water Ice Machine daily production capacity:
1) SFM-8: 700kg/day
2) SFM-10: 1000kg/day
3) SFM-20: 2000kg/day
4) SFM-30: 3000kg/day
5) SFM-40: 4000kg/day
6) SFM-50: 5000kg/day
7) SFM-75: 7500kg/day

1) It produces ice flakes that are 2.2mm thick, dry and powderless.
2) Its ice temprature is during -10oC .
3) the material of ice flake is stainless and antisepsis aluminum alloy, its using life reaches to 18 years or so.

4) Its special inner ice scrape and sophisticated refrigerating technologies can guarantee normal running even in the most unfavorable conditions of 35oC.

5) No person is needed to operate, the system adopts all-automatic control, no need regularity maintenance, labor cost is greatly saved,

6) Safe and energy-saving, it can use its shipping power to put out ice in 3 - 5 minutes.

The quality of its product has reached the world's level.