Sell flame retardant TCEP

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1) Chemical name: tri(&beta-) chloriethylohosphate
2) Trade name: TCEP retardant
3) Property and usage: light-yellow or achromaticity, transparent liquid, cream
swell; soluble with common organic solvent, non-soluble in fatty alkane;
4) Refraction rate: 1.4745 (200C)
5) Boiling ponit: 1940C (10mmHg)
6) Freezing point: <-640C
7) Flash point: 2250C
8) Heat decomposition temperature: 240- 2800C
9) Hydrolytic stability: good
10) It can be used in cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose, formal dehyde phenol
resin, polyurethane, and petroleum additive, rare element extractant,
commnon level of addition is 5-10%

Technical index:
1) Appearance: light-yellow or achromaticity, transparent liquid
2) Specific gracity (200C) : 1.410-1.430
3) Acidity (mgKOH/g) : <=1.0
4) Water percent(%) : <=0.3
5) Phosphor percent: 9.5%
6) Chlorine percent: 37%

Package, transportation and storage
1) 200kg/barrel
2) Storage: airproof one year
3) Transportation: common chemicals
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