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The detailed informations of each product in picture is as following :


Flashing sunglasses

Model: LFS01, LFS04,


1. Can be used as glasses or as leisure decoration

2. Vivid design

3. Can block intense sun light during daytime

4. Ideal for discos or concerts

5. Ultraviolet radiation proof

6. Can be made to customers' specifications

7. Our patented products, only we can make in China

8. Custom Logo available


Flashing sunglasses

Model: LFS09


1. Controls flash through key-press, many ways of flashing available

2. Quite excellent for using in bars, discos and nightclubs

3. Frame color and LED colors can be selected

4. Different colors are available: red, blue, green, and multi-color


Flashing necklace

Model: FN01 : blue, FN02: red , FN03: green


1) Material: PVC, 2) One piece with one LED , 3) LED color: blue 4) shape:squareness or roundness available (squareness size:3.8 X 3.8cm; roundness size:3.9 X3.9cm)

4) Custom logo available , 5) Different colors are available: red, blue, green


Flashing hair braid

Model: FH01 : 5 lights , FH02 : 7 lights


1) Hair ornament:5 lights or 7 lights

2) Ideal for discos or concerts

Flashing Pins

Model: FP01 , FP02, FP03 , FP04

1. Attaches to clothes or other surfaces using a strong magnet 2. Can be manufactured in any plane shape according to customers' requirements

3. Printing and shape can be changed according to customers' requirements 4. Choice of clip or string

5. Flashing action started by screwing the button tightly 6. Flashing action stopped by unscrewing the button




1. Does not meed to use the computer, Does not need to flush the printing, the digital photograph

may deposit in the number in the code frame demonstrated

2. Uses simply, takes out the memory card insertion numerical code directly from the digital

camera in the frame then glances over

3. The digital frame not only can demonstrate the JPEG picture, but also may listen to

the MP3 music, Appreciates the MPEG video frequency phantom

4. The support media has CF, MS, SD, MMC, SM, MicroDrive and so on popular Flash Card

5. Uses the TFT real color high luminance liquid crystal display monitor,

the wide angle of view, demonstrates clear, the color is rich.

6. Does not need tediously to operate, opening machine automatic

circulation broadcast picture and background music.