Sell flat embroidery machine

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1. The system memory can store 1 million stitches and 99 designs
2. It is much convenient for users to operate with the 10 inches color LCD display
3. It has the function of auto repeat of embroidery without time limit
4. It is with the function of adjusting the stop-angle of the machine in order to make the machine work normally.
5. It has the function of positioning idling, low-speed and high-speed idling
6. It is with the ability of design rotation, pantograph, copy, delete and editing function
7. Checking design-edge and design-periphery and positioning embroidery pattern
8 With the function of sticking cloth embroidery, and when working on sticking cloth embroidery, it can automatically move the frame and stick cloth for many times.
9. The function of protection of power-off and recovery function after power-off, conserve data when power supply or other malfunctions happen.
10. Auto return to the original point, the embroidery-stopped point and setting another starting point.
11. Auto color change, auto return and complementary embroidery, auto repeat of embroidery, bulk embroidery
12. Other general function