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Flat mop/microfiber mop
Microfiber Cleaning System
Aluminum Flat Mop Frame; Swivel; Velcro System
- Reach area easily such as underneath of furniture and fridges
- Trapezoid shape for cleaning corners and edges
- Rounded plastic ends protect walls and furniture
- Replaceable strips design
- Total length in 40cm, 50cm and 60cm
- Plastic socket adaptable up to 24.5mm dia. handle
FMV-40; 40 x 9.5cm
FMV-50; 50 x 9.5 cm
FMV-60; 60 x 9.5 cm
- Wet and dry floor cleaning
- Clean with or without chemical
Microfiber Mop; Velcro System
- Trap and attracts dirt like magnet
- Sharp edge for removing heavy dirt
- Absorb eight times its weight in water
- Better cleaning effect against cotton
- Use less water and chemical

Wet and dry use; build-in 50% PE, 50% microfiber for better cleaning result

Dry use
- strong absorbency to grab and hold
dirt, dust, grime, oil, grease quickly
and efficiently
- potentially effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces
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