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Technical Data Standard Configuration
Model CHM WYP-1000 Model: CHM WYP-1000A
A. Inner Gears Magnetic Clutch
1. Clutch is one connector that transmits the rotary power of the active side to the passive side. It can freely join and separate.
2. Static friction torque: KGF-M (N-M) 2.2(22)
3. Dynamic friction torque: KGF-M (N-M) 2.0 (20)
B. Power Amplifier
1. Power supply voltage can be changed. 2. NPN, PNP inputting can be changed.
3. Proximity switch and photosensor inputting driven, 3A, 250V load.
4. Plug type easily installation.
C. Multi-function sensor controller
1. 12 optional ways by DIP switch 2. High speed inputting answer 3. Built-in pulse trigger function
D. Magnetic Speed Regulator Motor
1. AC stepless speed regulator, with speed feedback, running speed variable ratio is less than 2.5 percent, stable accuracy is less than 1 percent, simple structure, easily
3. Speed range is wide; speed ratio is 10:1, no out of control area.
4. Control power is small, applied to wide fields, auto and manual operation.
5. Electromotion running is swift and has no big noise.
E. Woollen Roller Adopt 45﹟ steel, 50℅ pure wool, 20 tons pressure to press.
Max. Embossing speed 5-60 m/min
Max. Embossing width 1000 mm

Paper material range 40-400 g/m2
Work pressure 0-150 KG/cm2
Heating temperature 0--200 0
Heating power 3 kw
Pressure of air source 1 Mpa
Mainframe power 3 kw
Whole machine power 7 kw
Dimension 4500x1800x2680
Overall weight 3500KG
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