Sell fleet tracker tk202 GPRS/GSM/GPS

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Features Specifications: GSM / GPS / GPRS Tracker System

Mini GPS tracker, vehicle GPStracker, GPRS tracker.

fleet tracking, GPS, GSM, GPRS tracking.

car tracker.


Just be used for car which has 12V or 24V battery power supply.

Transmit data either by GPRS or by SMS
1. Basic functions
1.2Position by time
1.3Positio by distance
1.4 Urgency alarm
1.5Over speed alarm
1.6 Power supply break alarm
1.7Geo-fence alarm
1.8 Stolen alarm
1.9Timing login
1.10 Self check
1.11 Intelligen tremote control
1.12Forced remote control
1.13Voice monitor
1.14 Blind spot memory
1.15 Storage data
2. Interface
2.1Input port
2.1.1 Urgency button input.
2.1.2 Engine start check.
2.1.3 Stolen alarm, one anode voltage line is connected with car alarm system output.
2.2 Output port
One route relay is to control startup or shut off engine.
Notice: There is a differen ttype relay for 12V or 24V.
2.3 Data port
One RS-232 series port
Connect with handset which is used for testing and setting.
2.4 Voice monitor microphone port
Connect with microphone.

3 Option fuction

3.1 Handset mobilephone

3.2 Wireless handset

3.3 Display

3.4 Camera
Supply Capacity
5000 units per month
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