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2. Standard Flexible Keyboard (109 Keys) KB-2002
1) Be made of a special high quality silicone. It can withstand
all kinds of daily use
2) Waterproof, can be dipped into and washed with soap and water
a) Hot resistance, hot coffee or water can not hurt it at all
b) Bright, eye-enjoyed and smooth surface, excellent hand feeling fingertip hurtless,
3) Its so flexible that you can rolling up and bring to any where you need
to go. Light weight, ultra-slim, and compact
4) It fits easily into briefcase, backpacks and notebooks
5) Flat design offers an ease in typing, which eliminates negative-angle stress to
the wrists
6) Available with USB or PS2 ports
7) Patented product, with RoHS, CE, FCC approval
8) OEM service available
9) Dimensions: 485 x 135 x 5mm