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Flexible solar panels are the perfect low wattage, environmentally friendly and space efficient energy solution. You can roll them up to move them or store them or install them semi-permanently. These are a great solution for camping or marine excursions where you may not have sufficient room for a traditional solar panel. These flexible solar panels come in multiple sizes and can offer multiple wattage power.

Main features:
(1) Mono&polycrystalline silicon solar cell
(2) Laminated with Oxide aluminum+EVA+Silicon cell+EVA+Tedlar
(3) High efficiency, long lifetime, high reliability, large area
(4) Lightweight & Flexible
(5) Virtually unbreakable(No Glass)

Export Markets: North America, Europe, Australia, etc
Payment Details: T/T, L/C
Ship Date: 20 days after receiving the deposit or L/C.

Electrical Specification:
(1) Open circuit voltage(Voc) :94.4V
(2) Optimum power voltage(Imp) :80V
(3) Short circuit current(Isc) :0.275A
(4) Optimum operating current(Im) :0.25A
(5) Watts peak(Wp) :20W
(6) Dimension:1600*200*2mm
(7) Weight:1kg

Electrical Specifications:
(1) Open circuit voltage(Voc) : 94.4V
(2) Optimum power voltage(Vmp) : 80V
(3) Short circuit current(Isc) : 1.375A
(4) Optimum operating current(Imp) : 1.25A
(5) Watts peak(Wp) : 100W
(6) Dimension: 1600*1000*2mm
(7) Weight: 5Kg

(1) Metal roof shade & parking structures
(2) Agricultural metal roof structures
(3) Residential grid-connected systems
(4) Schools, municipalities & institutions
(5) Renovation or new construction

Notes:Its size and specification can be made according to customers requirements.
Brand Name
Supesolar &26 OEM
Model Number