Sell flexible stainless installation pipe for jointing gas equipment to gas-main

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Flexible Stainless installation pipe is used for connecting gas equipment (boiler, flow-type calorifier etc) to gas transmission pipeline, gas-main.

1. Absolute Safety
Pipes are made of stainless steel and have polyethylene coating. It makes them resistant to corrosion in hostile environment (containing acid, alkali and saline) . The product has passed various tests that have revealed no external damage, hose deformation and gas escape.
2. Easy Mounting
Due to its flexibility, installation pipe does not require special tools for mounting. It makes work easy and loss of material impossible. Despite it takes several minutes to mount a pipe, connection is reliable and safe.

3. Durability and Efficiency
Pipes are durable and can be reused in case a new boiler is installed. (Durability is at least 50 years)
4. Safety in case of Earthquake
Flexible stainless installation pipes are stable against earthquake and collapse of foundation. Pipes tensile strength is 180kgf/cm2. Joints have collapse resistance 135kgf/cm.

5. Electric Protection
Due to plastic locking ring and rubber seal in fittings, installation pipe blacks out flow of electricity. 6. Application Scope
Flexible stainless installation pipe is used to connect gas equipment to gas-main.
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