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Flexible steel conduit:
1. Material: by zine plated steel, the PFC conduit is enclosed with PVC.
2. Applying: to protect machine and its wiring.
3. Features: excellent effect of flexibility and water proof.

Metal connector:
1. Material: die-cast of zine alloy, with zine plated.
2. Applying: this product can be used to connect the flexible conduits with box, and so on.
3. Features: The structure of prodcut is tight, with high intensity, elegant appearance, no blow holes. can be conlidenly connected with conduits.

90 degree angle liquid-tight box connector:
1. Applying: the connector is applied to connect the flexible conduit with the box and the electric motor at an angle of 90 degree.

Insulation piercing connector:
1. General of insulation piercing connector(IPC)
 Piercing connector, simple installation, need not strip the cable coat.
 Moment nut, piercing pressure is constant, keep good electric connection and make no damage to lead.
 Self-seam frame, wetproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion, extend the using life of insulated lead and connector.
 Adopted special connecting tablet, apply to joint of Cu(AI) and Cu(AI) or Cu and AI.
 Small electric connecting resistance, impulse current can be up to 15kA.
 Special insulated case body, resistance to illumination and environmental aging, the insulation strength can up to 6kV.
 Arc surface design, apply to connection with the same(different) diameter, wide commection scope(1.5mm^2-240mm^2) .
2. Performance testing
 Mechanical performance: the grip force of the wire clamp is 1/10 bigger than the break force of the lead. It comply with GB2314-1997.
 Temperature rise performance: under the condition of big current, the temperature rise of connector is less than that of connection lead.
 Heat circle performance: 200times per second,100A/mm^2 big current overload, the change of connecting resistance is less than 5%.
 Wetproof insulation performance: under water for 30cm, input over 3.5kV voltage for 1 min, no break out.
 Resistance to corrosion performance: under the condition of SO2 and salt fog, it can do three times of fourteen days circle testing.
 Environmental aging performance: under the circumstance of ultraviolet. radiation, dry and moist, expose it with change of temperature and heat impulse for six weeks

Cable accessories:
shrinkable cable accessories,1kv heat-shrinkable termination, 1kv heat-shrinkable middle joints, 10kv heat-shrinkable termination foe XLEP cable, 10kv heat-shrinkable termination for oiled cable, 35kv heat-shrinkable termination for XLEP cable, heat-shrinkable cable end cap, heat shrinkable cable end cap10-35kv si-plastic cold-shrinkable cable termination.

Wiring accessories:
Nylon cable ties, cable ties packing, bead ties, stainless cable ties, flat cable clip, plastic wiring ducts, decoration wiring duct, Nylon cable gland, Nylon cable gland(metic)