Sell flexitank for liquid transport

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Flexitank is a special, soft and tight tank with volume from 10 up to 24 thousand liters . Made from plastic material, it is an ideal product to store and transport all kind of non-hazardous liquids and chemicals by sea, railway and road . It can be placed into a 20' dry container.
FLEXITANK is an alternative to such standard transportations as tank-containers, railway or road tanks, drums and other way of transportation.
Basic advantages of FLEXITANK
Simple, reliable and economical
o Increase volume of cargo transportation. In comparison with the standard packaging as drums and canisters volume can be increased up to 30 %.
o Save up to 90 % of time for loading and unloading of the cargo.
o No need to clean FLEXITANK or worry about the risk of cargo contamination as it is disposable.
o Lower storage cost for emplty tanks.
o Covered by a factory warranty and insured.
o Reduce losses of a cargo during unloading. As comparison - losses during unloading from FLEXITANK are 0.1 %, when during unloading from drums losses are 1 %.
o Dlivered the cargo door to door without intermediate overloads.
o Environment friendly