Sell floor wiper and mop

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We produce many kind of mop yarn in many colour, stove yarn, and glove yarn.
Our products are yarn count range Ne 0.3 until Ne 2 or nm 0.5 until nm 3.5 and Worsted Yarn
Count Ne 0.8/nm 1.3

We also sell floor wiper and wet mop in many colours.
Cheap, absorb, long last, and unfade.
We sell mop with plastic head, mop refill, and floor cloth in natural, bleached, and rainbow coloured. Our mop specification are:
1. Wet mop with plastic head 100,150,200,250 grams in natural, bleached, and rainbow colour.
2. Wet mop with sewing thread (refill) 100,150,200,250 grams in natural, bleached, and rainbow colour.
3. Floor cloth size 40x60 cm in rainbow coloured
Packing with PP bag
Production capacity are 850,000 piece/month
We made the yarn by ourselves, supported with 8 opener machine,12 unit of DREFT machine and 500 unit of traditional weaving machine.
Our mop yarn are unfade, long last, strenght, colourful, and cheap.

If you are interested to import our products and for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us