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We can offer different kinds of flooring underlayment in different specifications, including cork underlayment, rubber underlayment, foam underlayment and so on at low prices.
Underlayment is required for any installation of laminate flooring or engineered real wood flooring. Both types of flooring are installed by a floated,  or "free-floating, " method, meaning they are not actually attached to the sub-floor. The individual boards are only secured to each other by gluing the mating tongue and groove edges or by simply clicking together the special joints of the no-glue type. The underlayment is placed over the sub-floor first then the flooring is assembled on top of the underlayment.
The function of underlayment is to absorb some of the minor (very minor) imperfections in the sub-floor; to help deaden sound when walking on the floor (since it is not attached to the sub-floor) ; and to slightly (very, very slightly) soften the feel when walking on the floor. It is very important to understand that underlayment for laminate and floating wood floors is not the same as padding for carpet. Unlike padding for carpet, a thicker underlayment will not make laminate or wood flooring feel softer. It will, however, reduce overhead sound in rooms below the flooring in addition to lessening the affects of sub-floor imperfections.
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