Sell flower soaps

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It can substitute common soap and face washing cream. It will dissolve entirely
when in water. It has the composition of wash the dint clearly of activate,
detergency, cleaning and sterilizing can be done at one time.

It is convenient for taking and using. Its natural Plant volatile oil can filter your
skin rapidly and effectively and promote blood circulation, it can also stimulate
your brain and remove tire. All materials we adopt are food grade, the safe
and innocuous, the they can restrain bad germ's growing, increase your
immunological competence. By using it you will enjoy volatile oil and petal bath,
gain spice of bathing and get more moist and slippery skin.

Products sort: square plane paper soap, colorful plane paper soap, solid bath
soap confetti and so on.

Using method:
Can be used in washing hands, washing face, bath, etc. At first, you should wet
your skin by warm water. Then repeat rubbing the paper soap until the essential
oil be absorbed adequately by your skin. Finally, flush your skin by water.

Stockpiling method:
Reserve it in obscuration under normal temperature. No insolation and high temperature.
Keep it dry.