Sell flumazenil

English name: Flumazenil(Anexate) ;
CAS NO. :78755-81-4;
Foreign products name: anexate;
Appearance: white crystal;
Assay: >=99.5%;
Index: crystallization powder or crystalline;
Melting point:1990-2010.

Molecular formula:C15H14FN3O3;
Molecular weight:303.3;
Reaction and reaction mechanism :The product has high affinity for the receivers named p-phenyl-dinitrogen ramifications, and it also is special, reversible, and competitive antagonists agents. It c-an curb its central nervous system role by grabbing receivers wi-th p-phenyl-dinitrogen ramifications. It can clinically be used to
When p-phenyl-dinitrogen ramifications is excessive, and when it is toxicosis and epilepsy etc. after anaesthesia. This product also partly has a role of impedance eclampsia . Besides, it can reduce the degree of the nausea, vomiting after operation or renduce the requirments of t-he analgesic.