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1 Screw elevator:
The plank of the material entrance on it can control the material current capacity according to the capacity of pellet mill machine.
2 Pellet mill:
The moisture of the material ranges from 13% to 18%;
The matrix wearing in the good foundation should adjust the cleft of the rollers and the circle- matrix to good situation (0.1-0.3 millimeter)
3 Bucket elevator
Connecting the pellet mill and elevator using the bucket
Keep reinforce when installed, and adjust the screw rod to tighten the transmission and electrical engineering belt.
4 The tower type vibrating cooler:
Unload the fixed conveyance stud bolt first, then install perpendicularly and steadily.
The air blower should confirm the rotation direction, and bound and connected with separate machine using the cloth sack.
The blow exit (90 degrees curved) above separate machine should be bound a long cloth sack, self-provided by the clients, with the diameter of 40 centimeters &length of 5 meters.
Check whether material is even or not through the observation of each layer, and the general thickness is 1-3 centimeters. If the material stores excessive, you can adjust the rotation degrees of the vibration machine or the related pieces of iron on both ends.
The finished pellet product can be packaged directly, and the powder product can be palletized adding water.
5 About the products
This machine group integrates automatic inspiration grinding, mixing, palletizing, cooling, drying, and screening. Materials keep dry when gonging into and coming out of the machine. Invests few, effective is quick.