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1) Round food containers:
a) 950ml:
i) Up: 184mm
ii) Down: 78mm
iii) Height: 92mm
iv) Thickness: 3mm
b) 1,650ml:
i) Up: 232mm
ii) Down: 96mm
iii) Height: 113mm
iv) Thickness: 3mm
c) 2,750ml:
i) Up: 280mm
ii) Down: 115mm
iii) Height: 130mm
iv) Thickness: 3mm
2) Flat food containers:
a) 550ml:
i) Up: 139mm
ii) Down: 105mm
iii) Height: 70mm
iv) Thickness: 3mm
b) 700ml:
i) Up: 155mm
ii) Down: 115mm
iii) Height: 80mm
iv) Thickness: 3mm
c) 1,100ml:
i) Up: 168mm
ii) Down: 125mm
iii) Height: 90mm
iv) Thickness: 3mm
3) Also includes 6 round lids and 6 flat lids

1) Using high grade plastic, removing exceptional plastic odors
2) With intensity of 250 times of glass
3) Keeping original shape temperature: -40 - 135oC
4) Safe microwave and fridge use
5) Transparency: 90%
6) Resistant to acidic and alkaline food, oil, and alcohol
7) No influence to food color and taste
8) Passes US FDA authentication, harmless to human body
9) Easy to tight, without leak of water, oil or soup
10) Unbreakable
11) Replaces one-off plastic film and protects the environment
12) Ideal for general storage on kitchen shelves, in pantries and fridges
13) Close the lid to keep its tightness when using for storage
14) Can nest or stack to save space

1) Wash the product before use, but do not use abrasive materials for
hand washing
2) Microwaving food that high in sugar, oil, and fat may mark or stain
the product, but will not affect its usability
3) Be sure the lid is open when microwaving
4) Releasing the pressure near the "O" part of the silica gel when the
cover is hard to open
5) If staining occurs, using sponge or other soft rag to wash the containers

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