Sell food grade silicone rubber

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DA-73787 silicon rubber is mainly used for toy gifts and craftwork gifts with the advantages of good tensile strength, high tear strength, high temperature resistance, high duplication times and repeated use, etc. It is suitable for small products or fine and precision products which is difficult to demould. This silicone rubber is one of the products with the highest use level in the production of craftwork gifts and the shrinkage is up to 2.


Poly technique, lightings, candles, and molds in multiple pieces for large products.

Standard Datasheet:

Model Appearance Viscosity (cs) Hardness (Ao) Tensile Strength (kgf/c)
Tear Strength (kgf/)
Elongation (%) Mixing ratio(%) Operating Time(H) Curing Time(H)
638 White 14000~16000 25~28 >=35 >=25 >=500 2~3 0.5 2~4