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Features :
Markline M series food mixer have fours models got UL , that are designed and manufactured elaborately to cater to domestic and interational markets . According to the plantet movement theory , beaters move like planets in the bowls so that the foods is mixed completely . They have three (Crange rotation speed and aare equipped with pokers , mixers egg beater, possessing functions of flour mixing , stirring , as well as egg and butter beating . All the spare parts in the michines are made of premium stainless steel (or materials whose surfaces are specially treated ) to ensure that they meet the national hygiene standard for food .

Model: M30A
Bowl volume: 30L
Rated voltage: 120V
Rated frequency: 60Hz
Power: 1.5kW
Current : 25A
Max. kneading capacity: 10kg
Mixing speed: 65/102/296r/min
Net weight: 192kg
Dimensions: L x W x H=
Brand name:Markline
Certification: UL
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