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As our products are really different compared with other supplier, energy savings and quite in working with no shaking. Totally automatic, what you need to do is to put the waste inside. The FWD mainly mince waste in to piece, unlike the triditional FWD, which grinding waste in a very high speed .
We mainly provide 4 series of garbage disposers
SeriesA Disposer used in washroom, which mainly deal with waste in washroom such as toilet paper, sanitary towel, sope packer and all other garbages.
SeriesB Food Waste Disposer, which is installed under the cabinet of kitchen It can effectively grind all kinds of food waste such as bones of porker, chicken egg shell, melon rinds, fruit and pits, then drained away through the pipeline
SeriesC Integrated Disposer used in daily life, these products could treat with various daily waste.
SeriesD The function of this Series is as same as Series B. The biggest difference is SeriesDis connect with sink, but Series is installed under the cabinet of kitchen.
Series D is our new products and we invent the remote control for it.
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