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Fast and accurate survey the body temperature and continously detect it . It can make different flashing and buzzing alarm against low heat and high fever so that the baby can obtain prompt surveillance and avoid delaying to see the doctor
Functional description :
Press Button :
turn on the power (press key 1 for one second) and turn off (press key 1 for two seconds)
LCD temperature display change 0 and ℉ ( press key 1 for three seconds)

Measurement range :
range : 30 0 C ~ 42 0 C
Frequency : test once per ten seconds

LCD Temperature Display :
when the forehead temperature below 30 0 C, LCD display will show  ------ 0 C  or  ------ 0 F  with flashing then buzzer after one minute.
when the forehead temperature above 42 0 C, , LCD display will show  ------ 0 C  or  ------ 0 F  with flashing .
LCD display will automatically off after 90 seconds, press the key again and you can see the temperature again.

Warns Way :
37.8 0 C ~ 38.7 0 C the yellow lamp light 3 seconds and out eight seconds , cycle operation.
above 38.7 0 C, the red lamp light 3 seconds and out eight seconds then buzzer 0.2 second, stop for five seconds, cycle operation.

Insulation films purposes: to avoid skin temperature absorbing by device infulence the corrent detect.

Other Specifications :
back light , LCD display the temperature at the same time
the temperature discrepancies is +/- 0.3 0 C
press key 2 , LCD will show the temperature situation within one second
temperature detection will be influenced by the external environment, so under room temperature (25 0 C) need an adaptation period about three to five minutes then entering the accurate test

Electric Specifications:
2 W 1.5 Volt mercury batteries, DC3V
when the power on , the dynamics of the work current below 1mA, and the static work current is 3 mA (Amp)
when the power off, the static work current is 3 mA (Amp)
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