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Detailed Product Description

Formic acid, organic acid, formic acid 85%
Commonly known as: formic acid
English name: Formic acid, Molecular formula: HCOOH, Molecular weight: 46.02
Index Qualified grade Excellent grade
formic acid , %>= 85 90
acetic acid, % 0.6 0.4
Chroma (as platinum and cobalt) , %<= 10 10
Dilution experiment (acid+water=1+3) clear clear
Chloride (as CL) , %<= 0.005 0.003
Sulfate (as SO4) , % <= 0.002 0.001
Iron (as Fe ) , %<= 0.0005 0.0001
Evaporation residue% <= 0.020 0.006

Properties: At normal temperature, it is a kind of clear, colorless liquid with characteristic of pungent odor. Its density is 1.2201(20/40C) , melting point is 8.30C, boiling point is 100.80C, flash point in open cup is 68.90C and auto-ignition temperature is 601.10C. It can be mutually dissolved with water, ethanol and glycerol. It is corrodible and reducible.
Quality standard: GB/T2093-93
Applications: Formic acid is one of basic organic chemical raw material, widely used in pesticide, leather, dye, pharmaceutical and rubber industries.
Packing: In 25kg plastic drum.
In 35kg plastic drum
In 250kg plastic drum