Sell freeze-dried ginseng slices

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Freeze-Dried Instant Ginseng Slice is totally different from traditional ginseng products or various lozenges. The original traditional ways of taking ginseng in the past thousand years by liquor soaking, broth cooking, or powder grinding have been thoroughly changed, eliminating the shortcomings of low absorption efficiency, unpleasant taste and inconvenient way of eating of these traditional ways. The characteristics of our product are:
(1) The raw material is selected high-quality, green, natural and true ginseng that contains dozens kinds of ginsenosides, polysaccharide, flavone, vitamins, amino acids, protein, polypeptide, trace elements, volatile oil, and other nutrition constituents necessary for human body.
(2) The activity of fresh ginseng and its intact cell structure can be preserved. Trace elements exist in free state, just like fresh ginseng, making the ginseng slice in bulking state. Through chewing, large quantity of saliva is generated, making easy release of various effective nutrition constituents which can be absorbed quickly through mouth mucosa.
(3) The product is crisp and tastes a little bit sweet and bitter. It has elegant fragrant smell. It does not contain any preservative or additive.
(4) It can be eaten right after you open the bag. It is convenient to eat. The way of taking it conforms to the fast and simple modern trend.

Crisp property is just the best advantage of freeze-dried instant ginseng slice. That can promote its sales. Internationally advanced vacuum freeze-drying technology is used by our company to produce the product at low temperature and under low pressure. The water content in fresh ginseng sublimates from solid to vapor to form dry product. Liquid evaporation does not exist. The original color, fragrance, taste and form of fresh ginseng can be maintained to maximum extent. Only very small percentage of the original nutrition constituents and active substances is damaged. The product is very much like fresh ginseng. In addition, it does not contain any chemical additive or preservative. Usually the price of products processed by such technology is 6 to 8 times the price of hot-air dried hydrated foods.