Sell fresh ginger

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Sell Fresh Ginger

1) Good quality, plump, clean, smooth, shiny color and no pests
2) Sizes: 100 - 150g, 150 - 250g, 250g up
3) Supply time: all year around
4) Long shelf life, can even be stored for 2 years under proper conditions

Outer packing:
10kg/plastic carton, 20kg/bag or as per customers' requirements

Sell Dried Ginger
1) Sizes: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350g and up
2) Characteristics: plump, clean, shiny color, no pests, unspoiled
3) Supply availability: all year round

20kg/mesh bag ,10/ctn with PE bag

A variety of red onions and yellow onions are available.

Inner packing:
10kg or 20kg/mesh bag

Outer packing:
10kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn or as per customers' requirements
1) Variety: yellow onion and red onion
2) Size: 6 - 7cm, 7 - 8cm, 8 - 9cm, 9 - 10cm, 10 - 12cm
3) Supply period: all year round

1 x 40' RH: 25MT