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Our company has the largest strawberry cultivation in Romania.
We have 6 varieties: Elsinore, Marmolada, Elsegarde, Arosa, Clery, Madeline.
Each variety has its own characteristics.
We use 8 x 250g plastic clamshells in 2 kg carton boxes.
One of the varieties is Marmolada:
Plant: Compact, with mediumdensity, medium vigour and tillering; upright growthform. The foliage shows a deep green colour, never chlorotic. Blossom is very abundant and long, with erected flowers. High productivity.
Fruit: Medium-large, regular conical shaped, with primary fruits sometimes slightly irregular. Pointed apex, generally level inserted medium calyx, with medium sepals, not easily detachable. The surface shows a very bright, homogeneous red colour of medium intensity. Achens under surface. Flesh of an intense red colour when full ripe, firm, with medium sweetness and acidity, moderately aromatic. Small inner hollow. Very resistant to handling and transport.
Overall assessment: Marmolada is suited to continental areas and it is very resistant to low temperatures. It grants a very high productivity with a good and constant size. The plant is slightly sensitive to Oidium and the foliage is medium sensitive to leaf spot. This cultivar has proved to besuitable for different growing techniques and it can grnt a second summer yield.
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2000 tons
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EXW Oradea, Romania
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