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The electronical fruit grader can put the fruit by weight into eight to ten weight grade .
The electronical fruit grader is ideal for long and irregular shaped fruit and vegetables manufacture as, for example, every sort of pears and in particular courgettes, aubergines, peppers, cucumber, artichokes, etc.
The weighing system using PLC and weighing modules to reduce the traditional mechanical equipment parts and improve the accuracy of weighing. The reduce of the mechanical parts has cut down the installment time more and avoided the replacement of mechanical parts in the process of adjusting .
the features are:
high efficiency, high precision , widely working range. Suit to select pears, apples, persimmons, peaches, potatoes, onion, melon and other fruits of this kind.
the machine with a high degree of intelligent, use the PLC to control it, It combines weighing, logic operations, and statistics store in one.
the work face uses stretchy materials to ensure that the fruit in high-speed weighing process will not be compromised.
the main parts uses Germany and Switzerland s brand products, good quality and low failure rate with long life.
with simple and reliable operation, designed a number alarm devices and all kinds of statistical methods Inside.
Technical parameter
Grading grade 2-10grade
Max grading 1000g
Min grading 50g
precision 15g
Grading speed 1500021000apples/h