Sell fruit  washing  and  waxing  machine

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Fruit Washing and Waxing Machine
for cleaning and waxing fruits, such as apple, citrus, navel orange, honey pomelo etc. to make the fruit appearance look bright, and improve the fruit price for sale. At the same time, after waxing, a layer of wax membrane will be coated on the fruit to keep the fruit away from bacteria and elongate the fruit storage time.
Fruit waxing machine is a complete automatic machine for fruit sorting, cleaning, waxing, drying, , and the entire process of packaging, it is a new type of high-performance equipment. With high production efficiency, good quality. features such as smooth and reliable operation. After waxing the fruit is beautiful and clean, has a pleasing appearance. It hasgreatly enhanced the performance and preservation of the fruit storage and the transportation performance.
Waxing classifier leakage rate will no more than 5%, the efficiency of different models based on the machine is divided into for the 1.5 ~ 2.5t / h (3 ~ 5t / h) , by washing fruit, spray wax, such as low-temperature drying part of the joint components.
Our waxing classifier manufactured by 5 parts: the immersion tank and upgrading of water washing, drying and waxing, the roller conveyor and dryer. (The device can be work with our electronic election machines , connect with the election machines, it coud make the fruits washing, waxing, weighing, grading with the whole line)