fruit salad

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fruit  & salad clamshell
Features: 1) Material: PVC, PP, PS, APET, PETG, GAG with high quality 2) can be made into any shape as customized: box, serving tray, clamshell, container, cup holder, covers, cylinders, pot etc, for general packing as well as special use that yo....
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canned fruit salad in syrup
We are a broker agency specialized in export of italian fruitcocktail in cans both retail and catering sizes- we can provide you offers fob any italin port or Cnf port required by you -
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China Sweetener Food Grade Pure Sucralose
Product Description China Sweetener Food Grade Pure Sucralose Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it is noncaloric. In the European Union, it is also known under the E number....

Salad and Fruit Containers
Features: Superior style of Salad Containers. Good for Salad and fruit storage with most convenience and elegance. Material: P. E. T. (with various dimensions)
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Twin Type VFFS Machine (BT-2600)
Features * This Twin type VFFS machine is working in conjunction with a 14 head multi head weigher. * Compact design: The machine is portable type, saving space for installation. * Low cost: Thoroughly seeking simple mechanism and minimized spec....

rotor pump
ZB3A Type Rotor Pump(Cam Pump) Working principle sketch map Feature:  All the parts that will have contact with the media( material) are made of stainless steel( SUS304, AIS316, 316L) and are in accordance with hygienic stan....

Cocktail Shaker
More than 300 different styles of Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Bar Set, Hip Flask, Beer Mug, Double Wall Mug, Fruit Bowl, Salad Bowl, Pot, Ashtray, Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Houseware, Bathware and Daily Appliances. All products are using Mari....

Rose Water
Rosewater is a natural product with hundreds of components. It has been found to be a very useful skin tonic and is used cosmetically as a facial cleanser and toner. The benefit comes from its ability to stimulate the flow in the minute blood vessels....
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Pineapple Slicer
Made from sturdy plastic ABS, easy to use this pineapple peeler just requires a change of blade to cut pineapples of different sizes. The pulp is extracted in nice round slices while the rind remains intact and can therefore become an ideal cup for f....
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PP microwave safe Disposable food container
Item No. JX-10 Material: Plastic PP / Disposable food container Size: 750ml - 1500ml Color: Transparent / Clear / black Packages: 300 SETS / CTN Carton Dimension: 55*39*27cm Use: Fast food, take away food, food storage, Fruit salad packi....